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Published version 7-31-13

On Site Fingerprinting Service Brentwood Nashville, TN

No minimum number of print cards or persons to be  fingerprinted - I can handle large groups  1- 50 or more

10 Benefits of on site fingerprinting:

1. Convenience I come to your office, home, school, hotel or the location of your choice.

2. Quality prints even from hard to print subjects

3. Reduced risk of  application rejection related to fingerprint card issues 

4.  No loss of time related to travel

5. No liability risk for employees while off site

6. No parking issues

7.  You set the environment - No waiting in line at the local police or sheriffs departments with people being book from criminal activities

8. Quick print times - normally 5 to 10 minutes per person 2 to 3 cards

9. Flexible and last minute scheduling to meet your needs

10. Payment Invoicing for most services


Fingerprinting Services for individuals ,corporate executives & employees related to:

  • Applications to operate a businesses

  • Staying in compliance with state and federal licenses

  • Permits

  • Liquor Licenses

  • Adoptions

  • Insurance & Financial requirements

  • Personal Identification 


The Fingerprinting Process Made Easy

Contact :

Charles ( Friday ) Blackwood


 Availability  - Call to set up  appointment

( Closed Sundays )

Flexible Hours

Pricing:  subject to needs and location


Services by : Perspective Investigations LLC.

Licensed in the state of TN Lic # 1899

             Service Areas:

  •  Nashville Tn
  • Brentwood Tn
  • Smyrna Tn
  • Lavergne Tn
  •  Mt Juliet Tn
  • Goodletsville Tn

Service outside the normal service areas list can be arranged