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About :     Charles R ( Friday) Blackwood

 30 plus years experience fingerprinting individuals:

20 plus years experience as a crime scene investigator working with all aspects of fingerprints in Nashville , TN:

I  have been FBI trained in the art of  recording quality prints . 
I use  proven techniques and enhanced methods to obtain the best quality prints obtainable. 

I have taught fingerprinting techniques since 1984 to Law Enforcement, Forensic Personnel and Military Personnel.

Contact Information :

Charles ( Friday ) Blackwood



My services are here to assist you with your fingerprinting needs. Whether it is for  company executives, employees or private individuals. I provide the  best fingerprint recording possible in a manner convenient to your schedule.  And it will be done in a way that makes the best use of your  time and resources . 

Using my extensive experience,  I check all fingerprint cards to see if they have clear and good quality prints prior to submission, you  will  have been provided with the best product on the market today. I stay till the process is done right.    Getting the job done right and customer satisfaction is job one.

My present clients include:
Major Restaurant Companies,  National Health Provider, Major US  Insurance Companies,  Global  and Regional Financial Institutions, National Background Employment Screening Company, and  a US Military  Building Contractor. 



About my services